Rules and Regulations

  • The minimum attendance for each subject in a term/semester required is 80% (both in theory & practical). In case student unable to maintain the same, that student may not be permitted to appear to the university examinations.
  • Any type of ragging whether it is verbal or physical or of any kind in campus and/or outside is totally prohibited and is punishable offence as per govt. of Maharashtra act.
  • Behavior of student should be polite with his/her fellow students, staff& teachers. Misbehavior with student, staff, and teachers will not be tolerated and would be viewed seriously by the College Authorities.
  • Wearing uniform in college campus is compulsory.
  • Student should carry Identity card along with them and produce the same when demanded.
  • Taking common off are not permitted to the students. Strict action would be taken by the college Authorities against those who get involved in such activities.
  • If any student not adheres to these rules he/she may invite to enquiry against him/her. The decision of the inquiry committee in the matter would be final and binding to that student.
  • A student should be punctual during academics. Late coming, early going is not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to use mobile phones/ Cell Phones in SIET Campus.